Hi, I'm Hayley

A real woman wanting to share real food, real guidance, real coaching to inspire and connect with YOU and make YOUR world a better place.

I eat lifestyle changes for breakfast and I can help you kick obesity, disease, toxicity, allergies and intolerances straight in the protein balls. KAPOW!

Ready to make some changes?


Are you:

Struggling to figure out which pantry and fridge items should or shouldn’t hold prime real estate in your home?

Got a pantry full of food but no idea what to do with it?

Need help figuring out how to make clean eating really, truly, REALISTICALLY work for you?

Interested in avoiding chemicals, additives and preservatives?

Trying your darnedest to avoid foods due to intolerances or allergies?

How about kids with eternal snotty noses, constant colds, children with ‘ants in their pants’, bloated tummies, hayfever, catching every bug and lurgy going around… and around… and around again.


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I love to share recipes, wellness info, updates on coaching, info on new stuff happening, nutritional information, funny stories, vlogs plus anything interesting I come across with my tribe.

It’s a great way to access info that can help you every day. Share your stories with me so I can find out more about you and what you need.

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Recipes are coming soon

Food glorious food.

One of the best things about my lifestyle coaching is getting to share my recipes for super food that not only tastes amazing, but will help you get all the nutrients you need.

Coming very soon is a new recipe corner where you will be able to find recipes suitable for all dietary needs – gluten free, grain free, sugar free, diary free, raw, vegan and paleo.

So check back soon for my yummy recipes!