About Hayley

Hayley Oliver

About Hayley

Hayley is the name and passion and instinct are my game. Hello! I’m really pleased to e-meet you! So this part is supposed to be all about ME when in fact I kinda want it to be all about YOU. That’s just the kind of person I am, really. Genuine, kind, passionate, knowledgeable and authentic. That sounds good doesn’t it? Shall we all sit around a camp fire and sing Kum-ba-ya?

Here’s a better idea – let me tell you about what floats my boat and what I can do for you and your family. In an (activated) nutshell, I eat lifestyle changes for breakfast and I can help you kick obesity, disease, toxicity, allergies and intolerances straight in the protein balls. KAPOW!

Look, I’m just a small town girl, living in an unhealthy world and I will move, break and shake until I make a difference! That’s always been my M.O.

Born and raised in a small mining town, the extrovert in me was yearning for a little more zing and a little less dust, so it wasn’t long before the big city lights enticed me to a life of corporate fabulosity and inner-city hangs. Fast forward a whole decade later, and I have waded my way through the waters of various interesting careers – from radio, media agencies, hospitals and pilates studios, but NONE of them compare to my passion for health, nutrition and wellbeing. Not one iota.

For almost 35 years, I’ve lived with dairy intolerance, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and gluten intolerance, not to mention bearing two 10 pound babies (ouch) and managing their eczema, intolerances and reactions to food, as well as cheering on and feeding the man I chose for life. Did I mention HUGE, INSATIABLE APPETITE? Yeah, that. Man.Can.Eat.

So here I am – a real woman wanting to share real food, real guidance, real coaching to inspire and connect with YOU and make YOUR world a better place.

Let’s do it!

Yours in health,

Hayley xo