Lifestyle Coaching

The Clean Pantry is:

  • Clean and green lifestyle coaching and guidance.
  • Me helping you and your family navigate the big, bad, scary world of clean eating, diets, intolerances, allergies and toxicity.
  • You asking me anything and everything health, food, kids and lifestyle related. Nothing is off limits when it comes to my style of health coaching! Ask away!

I welcome a barrage of questions. I revel in re-organising food cupboards. Consider me your fairy god mother of good health, good food, and good habits. Kale is my wand. Yes, it really is. And I can make it taste GOOD, to boot!

Here’s what I can help with:

  • shopping lists
  • meal preparation ideas
  • snack inspiration
  • easy recipes for the whole family
  • Easy to follow hints for chemicals, preservatives and additives.


The Clean Pantry Consultation:

$110 (1.5 hours)

Includes: The fairy godmother of good health, good food and good habits in YOUR home for one and a half hours talking, moving and shaking what should/shouldn’t/could be in your home for a cleaner lifestyle. This may include opening the doors to your pantry + fridge (it really isn’t that scary, I promise), culling foods + chemicals, meal preparation, balanced snack inspiration, questions + answers session, laughing, drinking tea and saving the world!

**Travel costs incurred for distances further than a10km radius of the city.

TCP Shopping Tour:

$75 (1 hour)

Includes: The fairy godmother of good health, good food and good habits and YOU stalking the aisles of supermarkets, fruit barns – your local, wherever it may be, ingredients/label reading and understanding, where and what to avoid, trolley rides (if you’re lucky!).

Group Sessions:

$350 (1 hour) | Max 5 People and Includes Food Costs

Includes: You and 4 of your friends plus the fairy godmother of the Pantry + Fridge, an open discussion on what’s going to make it IN and OUT of the pantry, hands on cooking and preparation tips/skills, shopping lists, laughs, wine if you choose – and you’ll get to eat the food too!

Online Consultation:


Includes: A Personal Consultation but we’ll meet through Skype or email correspondence.  You’ll get the exact same experience – except me literally turfing food from your pantry! That’ll be up to you!


Are you?

  • Struggling to figure out which pantry and fridge items should or shouldn’t hold prime real estate in your home?
  • Got a pantry full of food but no idea what to do with it?
  • Need help figuring out how to make clean eating really, truly, REALISTICALLY work for you?
  • Interested in avoiding chemicals, additives and preservatives?
  • Trying your darndest to avoid foods due to intolerances or allergies?
  • How about kids with eternal snotty noses, constant colds, children with ‘ants in their pants’, bloated tummies, hayfever, catching every bug and lurgy going around…and around…and around again.

I’m all ears. I’ve been there, wiped that, dealt with the meltdowns and lived to tell the tale. More importantly, I have loads of easy to follow guidance to dish out to my people. You don’t have to be a crunchy, tree-hugging, granola-eating hippy to follow my tips and tricks. I pinky promise. Disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with hugging trees and eating granola.